How are we helping?

Money raised will fund schemes to help eradicate single-use plastics from our beaches via education, beach cleans and the promotion of multiple-use products


By funding educational trips we aim to educate all on the importance of eradicating single use plastics from our day-to-day lives

Beach Cleans

Beach Cleans

Organising and funding beach cleans helps us get out there and remove the plastics left on our beaches to protect and preserve their natural state

Reusable Products

Reusable Products

Promoting reusable products and designing multiple-use products to minimise the consumption of single-use plastic

What is Life’s a Beach?

Life’s a Beach is a charity set up by kitchenware retailer ProCook, to support the eradication of single-use plastics from British beaches and the promotion of reusable products. The charity has been set up by ProCook owner Daniel O’Neill who was inspired to take positive action towards a more sustainable environment.

With a product range boasting a variety of bamboo coffee cups, Tritan water bottles and stainless steel water bottles, making the switch to multiple-use drinking vessels has never been easier and by making the change you’ll be helping to tackle the battle against plastic pollution we must all begin to fight before it’s too late.



This Girl Rows

We caught up with Lara Vafiadis, from This Girl Rows, to discuss her upcoming solo row across the Atlantic Ocean. Life’s a Beach joined Lara’s sponsorship team and have been following her progress ever since. Read more…

8 Easy Sustainable Swaps

All of us are aware of the growing problem that is plastic pollution. Here is a list of easy switches you can make in your every day life to help reduce your plastic waste.