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2nd Dursley Brownies Clean-up!

We have teamed up for another year with local girl guiding troop, the 2nd Dursley Brownies. As part of our mission to work with Girl Guide groups across the UK, we travelled to Dursley to litter pick.

Our evening began with a short talk about why litter, single-use plastic, and recycling are topics we should all be aware of. Together we came up with lots of great ideas of how we can all make more sustainable choices.

Then we set off around the town to see what litter we could find to collect up. We found lots of cigarrette butts, plastic wrappers, and xx . Light-weight plastics like this are especially important to collect because they are easily blown around by the wind. They can then end up in areas where they pose a threat to wildlife.

We were blown away by the enthusiasm of these young women; their energy and determination was infectious. Last year we managed to collect up 5.03 kilos, this year we collected x kilos. This brings the 2nd Dursley Brownies’ total to x kilos! A great achievement.

We want to say a huge thank you to the young people and the Brownie leaders for their time, energy, and effort. We can’t wait to return next year for yet another clean-up together.

If you would like to organise a litter-pick or beach clean with us, please email hello@lifesabeach.org for more information.


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