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Benefact Group, Lunchtime Clean up

June 5th we partnered up with local business ‘Benefact Group’ for a beautiful lunch time area clean up, covering the local parks and country side paths all in the surrounding area of their office.

As part of the Benefact Group charity program these 29 volunteers spent their time meticulously covering the local area to pick up 21.84kg of microplastics and more across 26 bags, with over 100+ cigarette buds collected!

Even in the lovely surroundings of Gloucester this clean was great example of how even the cleanest places have litter! Getting stuck in and giving it their all, our volunteers weren’t afraid of the action, finding hub caps, part of a bicycle, a wrench and Christmas light!

This clean brings our totals for the year to a huge 302 bags of litter collected, weighing in at 1238.59 kilos. A massive achievement that we couldn’t have managed without the efforts of the wonderful 464 volunteers who have worked with us this year so far.

Thank you so much to Benefact Group for working with us. If you or your company want to clean up your local area or beach, please get in contact through hello@lifesabeach.org


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