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Local Volunteers Tackle Swansea Beach

We held yet another clean on Swansea beach with 29 volunteers from the local area. Swansea beach is beautiful, but always has a layer of microplastics scattered across the sand. Our volunteers dedicated half a day to gathering up any rubbish they could find.

We found all sorts of items on the beach, including:

  • Sunglasses
  • Ghost gear
  • Dog toys
  • A ray
  • A dogshark
  • Wet wipes

After three hours, in fog and mist, the volunteers had managed to fill 22 bags of litter. This collection weighed in at a huge 72.47 kilos! This cleans brings our annual total to a massive 1327.02 kilos collected in 2024.

Thank you to the wonderful local volunteers who gave their time and to Swansea Council for working with us yet again.

If you would like to sign up your team or group to a clean, then please contact hello@lifesabeach.org


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