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Frampton on Severn Brownies Litter-Pick

Here at Life’s a Beach we love working with Girl Guiding groups across the country, year on year, to reduce litter in each group’s local area. This time we went to Frampton to work with the young people in the 2nd Frampton on Severn Brownie troop to crackdown on local litter.

We walked around Frampton village green to see what litter we could find. This clean was unusual in that we found an incredible amount of microplastic pieces. Food wrappers, packaging, tiny pieces of plastic bags, cigarette butts, all of these small and lightweight plastic pieces made up the bulk of what we collected.

Microplastic plastic pollution like this is extremely harmful to wildlife as it’s small size can be easily ingested by animals, and it’s lightweight nature means it can be blown around by the wind. The girls worked hard to collected up as much as these pieces as possible, often getting on the hands and knees to pick up the small pieces by hand.

In the 28 degree heat, 16 volunteers worked over an hour to collect up 5 bags of rubbish. We were so impressed by the Brownies’ enthusiasm and dedications, some of the volunteers even bringing their own litter-pickers from home! Together we collected 3.92 kilos of litter!

This clean brings out total for 2024 to a huge 1402. We want to say a huge thank you to the 2nd Frampton on Severn Brownies for all their hard work!

If you would like to book a clean with us, email hello@lifesabeach.org to find out more.


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