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Chalkwell Beach Clean-up

We travelled across the country to Chalkwell Beach in Essex to team up with Precision AQ to tackle a brand new beach!

This was our first time heading to the east of England, and were delighted to get started. 12 team members from from Precision AQ volunteered their day to help us make this stretch of coastline a cleaner place for all. We began our afternoon with our safety talk and getting kitted up, then we took to the beach as a team to collect as much as possible.

The wind and rain meant that the weather wasn’t ideal, but our amazing volunteers powered on regardless. Once we had cleared over the sands, we headed into the surrounding bushes, walkways, and paths to see what we could find.

The sheer number of unusual items was a source of growing entertainment as volunteers dragged increasingly unlikely items back to our weigh-in point. From pieces of furniture, to clothing, to fishing supplies, to toys.

Here are some of the unusual things we found:

  • A radiator
  • Two mantlepieces
  • Ship bouys
  • A croc
  • Sale signs
  • A gas cannister

After two hours, the volunteers collected an impressive 14 bags of litter that weighed in at a huge 85.84 kilos of litter.

We want to say a huge thank you to the team from Precision AQ for giving their time to help clean-up Chalkwell Beach! This clean brings our total for the year to a whopping 1495.79 kilos of litter collected!

If you would like to organise a beach clean with us for your team, contact hello@lifesabeach.org for more information. We’d love to hear from you.


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