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Cheltenham Food and Drink Festival 2024

We have returned to Cheltenham Food and Drink Festival for another year!

This food and drink festival, full of interesting stalls, live music, and entertainment, has been running since 2008. We were delighted to join them for their 16th show, being the sole water station for the event.

Last year our stations were used by thousands of people across the weekend, and with the hot weather, this year is no different. We were very lucky with warm weather, the temperatures reaching up to 28 degrees. Around 20,000 people attended, and this meant that there were lots of thirsty people trying to stay hydrated in the heat. We absolutely loved seeing hundreds of people queueing to refill their bottles, cups, dog bowls, and more at our free water stations.

As part of our mission to reduce single-use plastic pollution, we arrived with our free refill stations to help the public refill rather than buying plastic bottles.

We had a great time to talking to people about our charity as they refilled, raising awareness about proper recycling, avoiding single-use plastics, and plastic pollution on our beaches and oceans. One of our key missions is to educate and raise awareness about plastic pollution and we achieved this with our new printed marquee. Large statistics were emblazoned on each side, talking about how long plastic takes to break down, and how much plastic can be saved by refilling a bottle; these were visible for the public as they went past.

We also brought our amazing reusable product range range with us, and were delighted to sell our items to the public, making it easier for people to be more sustainable on the go. Our range of bottles were of course very popular with people buying and filling them immediately, and our reusable cutlery sets were also a firm favourite too as people ate their lunch!

After three long days we were so pleased with how the show went! There were so many people who were engaged with our charitable works and wanted to learn more, and more importantly we managed to save thousands of single-use bottles from being thrown away with our refill stations!

Thank you so much to Cheltenham Food & Drink Festival for having us, and we can’t wait to return next year.


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