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The Grange Primary Academy Activity Days

We visited Grange Primary Academy for two days to host a series of workshops and hold litter-picking events with every year group. Grange Primary Academy was the very first school to join our Waste Less initiative. We gave them reusable bottles for every students and the entire school has been dedicated to eradicating single-use plastics ever since.

We revisited this school to talk about the importance of recycling, reducing plastic waste at home, and avoiding littering. After a whole school assembly about ocean plastic and single-use plastic pollution, we saw each class one after the other to work on our decomposition timeline.

Pupils had to work in teams to decide how they thought common household items would take to break down, placing them along the timeline. At the end of each session we talked through what the groups had gotten right and wrong, and all the students agreed that household waste items take far longer to break down than they had expected. It showed how important it is to recycle, and use less where possible.

After completing our workshop, each year group collected equipment and headed out to litter pick. The younger year groups focused on finding litter within the school grounds. The playground backed onto houses and streets and therefore some litter had blown onto the school field.

The older year groups went out of the school and into the local area to collect litter and make their community cleaner for all. Regardless of the wet weather at times, the student threw themselves into the task with amazing enthusaism!

In total the students collected an incredible 57.48 kilos of litter, filling 27 large waste bags. We want to say a huge thank you to not only all of the pupils who took part, but also the amazing staff at the Grange Primary Academy who worked so closely with us throughout the two days.

If you would like to book your school in for an activity day with us, or to find out more, please email hello@lifesabeach.org.


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