Lunchtime Litter Picking

We teamed up with our charity partner ProCook and Gardiner Bros & Co for yet another local litter pick in St Modwen Park.

As part of our lunchtime litter picking events, ProCook volunteers were joined by volunteers from Gardiner Bros & Co. With our office being next to each other, it made sense for us to join forces and make our local area litter free together.

In 30 degree heat, 19 volunteers gave up an hour of their day to collect up litter and plastic, polluting the environment. St Modwen Park is built upon an old air field and is therefore very windy. This means that lots of litter blows out of bins and from where it is dropped, collecting in the estate.

We found large amounts of soft plastic and cardboard. These light materials are easily carried by the wind out of bins and into hard to reach places. Lots had collected on the greenery and plants around the estate, blown into the branches. The extreme heat didn’t deter volunteers, who managed to collect an impressive 10 bags full of litter weighing 12.52 kilos!

So far this year, we have collected 95.7 kilos of litter from this one location alone. This brings ProCook’s total amount of litter collected to a whopping 133.8 kilos in 2023! ProCook staff have volunteer 440 man-hours to helping clean up the environment, showing amazing dedication to helping the planet.

We are thrilled to have worked with yet another business, and were delighted by Gardiner Bros & Co staff’s enthusiasm. Thank you to both ProCook and Gardeners for working with us to keep our local area clean and reducing plastic pollution.

Life’s a Beach has so far this year collected 540.77 kilos! We are delighted to have reached our 500 kg target for the year and are keen to add to this total with our upcoming cleans.

If you are interested in organising a clean with us, please email to find out more.


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