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500 Kilos Collected

We have reached 500 kilos of collected litter this year and we want to celebrate!

During our most recent clean at Brean Beach we crossed over the 500kg mark, bringing our total up to 528.25 kilos of rubbish collected this year.

Together with 256 volunteers, we have gathered up 187 bags of litter from beaches, canals, parks, forests, streets, and industrial estates. We have travelled across the country in our electric ‘wave-on-wheels’ to various locations to litter pick with all ages.

Adults and children alike have helped us to reach this 500 kilo achievement. From school pupils, Girl Guides, corporate businesses, university students, local litter-picking groups, to MPs. All ages, and from all walks of life, have volunteered their time to help us in our mission against plastic pollution.

A staggering 7168 man hours of volunteered time has led to thousands and thousands of pieces of plastic being collected up and prevented from further polluting the environment.

There are some items that we find over and over. These are items such as plastic bottles, vapes, ghost gear, cigarette butts, and wet wipes. Occasionally, however, we find some more unusual things. Here are some of strangest items we have found this year:

  • A single mattress
  • A boat GPS
  • A plastic apple
  • A swing frame
  • A plastic baby doll
  • 9 shoes
  • A metal owl
  • A fish bowl
  • Several construction and road signs
  • A foam rocket
  • Part of a fridge door
  • Paint rollers
  • Part of a vacuum cleaner

On every cleanup we host, we find unusual items, and we can’t wait to see what else we find this year on our future cleans.

We want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has given their time this year. We wouldn’t be able to achieve anything without the effort of our wonderful volunteers! We also want to thank all of the local authorities who have worked with us to allow us to access and clean the different locations we have visited.

There are still plenty of cleans left to complete this year, and we are booking in more events all the time. If you would like to attend a litter pick with us, please email hello@lifesabeach.org to get in touch!


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