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Today is World Cleanup Day, so we thought we would take a moment to recap on all of the clean-up events we have held s far this year.

World Cleanup Day aims to defy borders, religious, and cultural differences, uniting everyone with the common goal of tackling rubbish. It is one of the world’s largest civic movements, uniting 191 countries to tidy the world’s beaches, rivers, forests, and streets.

Over 70 million volunteers from 191 countries have joined forces to clean up litter on World Cleanup Day since its inception in 2018.

You can learn more about World Cleanup Day, and the amazing work they do here.

Here at Life’s a Beach, clean up events are one the key pillars of our charitable work. While we do focus on beach cleans, we hold clean-up events everywhere and anywhere. From forests, to parks, to city streets, to canals, to rivers. We have tackled all manner of places this year in our war on litter and single-use plastics.

This year we have completed 15 cleans across the country. None of our clean up events would be possible without our wonderful volunteers. From adults to children as young as 18 months, our volunteers are all ages, coming from all walks of life. We are so grateful for the 7424 man hours volunteered at our clean up events so far this year.

Our long-term charity partner ProCook has completed 6 events with 40 members of staff giving 440 man hours to clean 133.8 kilos from the local area. Thank you to ProCook for your enduring commitment to work together, and making the planet a better place.

All of that time and effort has resulted in 197 bags of rubbish, weighing in a 540.77 kilos so far for the year. This has completed eclipsed what we achieved last year. Last year we collected 142 bags weighing in at 214.98 kilos.

We’ve found a list of weird and unusual items, some of our most interest things found included:

  • A ship navigation computer
  • A fridge door
  • Eight socks and four shoes
  • Part of a vacuum cleaner
  • A metal owl
  • A metal TV stand
  • A garden swing frame
  • Large nitrous oxide tanks
  • A single mattress

We are so proud of everything we have achieved this year. A huge thank you to all of our volunteers, and the local authorities that work with us to help our clean ups happen. We are so excited to keep working hard and tidying up our planet with the help of our charity partners and volunteers.

If you are interested in participating in a group clean, contact us at hello@lifesabeach.org or if you are hosting your own clean, be sure to tag us using the hashtag #lifesabeachuk to be featured!


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