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10 Easy Sustainable Switches

  1. Switching to compostable coffee pods. Millions of people drink coffee multiple times a day meaning if switch to using compostable coffee pods you are doing your part to help live in an eco-friendly world. Many popular coffee brands such as Starbucks sell compostable coffee pods, so you are not sacrificing taste.

2. Use matches or reusable lighters instead of the disposable ones. You can also purchase rechargeable lighters. Disposable lighters add to the plastic waste found in the ocean and other habitats so by switching now you can help amend that issue. This would not be an expensive switch as matches are keep and finding a non-disposable lighter shouldn’t be hard.

3. Switch from using bottled soap to using a bar instead. The average household uses a whopping 216 plastic haircare bottles every year. By switching to using a bar means you can reduce the number of bottles you go through.

4. Using a recyclable toothbrush. You can buy toothbrushes made from resources like bamboo switch helps it when it needs to be recycled. Instead, you can just replace the bristles to the brush which is a cheaper alternative then bushing a new brush as well.  

5. Use a reusable bottle instead of buying single use plastic bottles. 700,000 plastic bottles are littered every day in the UK and fewer half of local councils provide on-street recycling bins. Using a reusable bottle means you can help cut down on that figure and help be more sustainable for your community as well. You can purchase said bottles at


6. Use wooden ear buds instead of full cotton ones. Normal cotton buds are not recyclable meaning they are often found littered everywhere. By switching to ones made from wood it means they can be recycled and disposed of sustainably.  

7. Buy fruit and veg from more organic shops. Most large stores often use a lot of plastic packaging to cover the produce when not needed. Buying from smaller fruit and veg outlets prevents this meaning there is no plastic used.

8. Switch using makeup remover wipes to reusable cotton pads. Wipes aren’t decomposable meaning you cannot flush them down the toilet. They have to be put in the bin meaning they are often found in land fills and littered everywhere. Using a reusable is easier and more eco-friendly.

9. Use tupper wear or sustainable food wrap instead of using clingfilm. Clingfilm is a very bad for the environment as there isn’t a easy way of disposing of it. Using tubber wear is better as it is reusable and safer than clingfilm as it has more protection. You can now purchase sustainable food wrap as it can be made from beeswax and other natural resources.

10. Use a razor that the blades can be removed and replaced rather than a disposable one. The blades of razors are very dangerous when not discarded of properly meaning when an old disposable is thrown out it has a high chance of impacting the environment as it can not be recycled. By only replacing the blades it means it is safer as the old blades can be discarded properly as it is only the blades being thrown out and not the body of the razor too.


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