Waste Less School Initiative Launched

Here at Life’s a Beach, one of our core missions is to focus on educating the public about plastic waste. As part of this charitable objective we have developed the Waste Less initiative to not only educate children about how to recycle correctly but to encourage them to reduce their plastic waste.

The focus of the project is to encourage the following:

  • Educating teachers, pupils, and parents about plastic waste.
  • Reducing plastic packaging in lunchboxes
  • Encourage correct recycling in the classrooms
  • Reducing plastic in the classroom itself by cutting down on laminating etc.

For our first project we have teamed up with a school local only minutes from our head office. We are working with The Grange Primary School, to launch this project and make it work together as a team. The Grange’s visions and values are as follows:

Embrace and persevere with new initiatives and procedures
Demonstrate determination and resilience when faced with challenges
Reflect to bring about improvement
Give your BEST.

We at Life’s a Beach feel that this couldn’t be a more perfect match to our own ideals and determination to tackle the plastic pollution crisis.

One of the key ways we enabled the school to cut down on their plastic waste was by providing every student with a reusable bottle. It is our hope that by donating these 400 bottles we will be giving each child the tools they need to reduce, refill, and reuse. Armed with a bottle each, the children can implement the lessons learnt during our educational assemblies about plastic waste.

It is our goal to introduce this initiative to schools across Gloucestershire and then nationwide in our mission to educate and raise awareness about plastic pollution.

If you are interested in working with us, please contact us at hello@lifesabeach.org. We would love to hear from you!


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