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Rowan Field Primary School:

Adding another school to our ‘Waste Less Initiative’ list, on the 26th of June we visited Rowan Field Primary School, Cheltenham. Having one of our core missions to focus on educating the next generation we were so happy to receive such a warm welcome from Rowan Field and delighted to have such enthusiastic interactions from the kids.

Giving this assembly we talked all about ocean conservation and the dangers of plastic litter. Explaining how plastic gets onto our beaches, the damage it can do to our wildlife, and most importantly what you can do to help! In order to encourage positive behaviours and understanding in all of the kids. Following our ‘Waste Less Initiative’ and values of ‘Life’s a Beach’ to:

  • Educate students, teachers, and parents about plastic waste
  • Encourage correct recycling
  • Reduce plastic in the Classroom and School

As a result of how amazing the students of Rowan Field were and in order to spark further continuation of this reusable lifestyle, we ended our time with giving out 380 of our kids sized reusable bottles! Armed with a bottle each, the children can now implement the lessons learnt during our educational assembly, reducing plastic waste by reusing and refilling.

It is our goal to grow our ‘Waste Less Initiative’ with school across the UK, educating and raising awareness about plastic pollution.

We have several more schools booked to visit for the rest of the summer, and if your interested in partnering with us, please contact us at hello@lifesabeach.org. We would love to hear from you and get started!


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