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Nailsworth Primary School Litter Pick

We teamed up with Forest Green Rovers Community and Nailsworth Primary School to clean Norton Woods and the surrounding areas.

Not very far from our head office, we were thrilled to once again be doing our part to engage with our local community and help keep Gloucestershire clean of litter.

30 students, aged 10 to 11 years old, took to the woods with litter pickers, gloves, and buckets of enthusiasm. We split into three groups so that we could cover as much area as possible.

We started in the nearby woodland where we found a lot of litter amongst the leaves. After filling several bags, and finding an abandoned metal chair frame, we moved onto a nearby play park for a rest and a snack.

Following our short break, where we reloaded our bag hoops and set off, this time focusing on the residential area around the school. We used an entire roll of bags and had to make a quick trip to the school to drop off our full bags before carrying on our litter pick.

Some of the more unusual things we found included:

  • A broom head
  • A rusted garden chair
  • A swing frame
  • Two bottle crates
  • A metal owl
  • A length of mouldy carpet
  • Plant pots

In one morning we collected up 15 bags of litter, weighing in at 28.02 kilos! It was excellent to see the children so engaged and asking so many questions about how we can all work together for a better planet.

Thank you both to Forest Green Rovers, and the teachers and students from Nailsworth Primary for giving up their morning and helping us on our mission against litter and single-use plastics.


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