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Have a Plastic Free Christmas

We know that over the festive period, household waste can increase dramatically. Plastic waste is a huge problem for our planet and we can all make a difference to cut down on our plastic usage, starting at home. With that in mind, we have made a list of 10 easy ways to cut down on plastic this Christmas:

  1. Buy loose vegetables. Plastic food packaging can be completely avoided by buying loose vegetables.

2. Avoid plastic table cloths and disposable napkins. Fabric tablecloths and napkins not only look amazing, but can be washed and reused.

3. Avoid wrapping paper that has been laminated, or includes plastic additives like glitter. Opt for more natural wrapping options this year to reduce your plastic waste. Recycled wrapping paper, or even using fabric to wrap gifts is a great alternative.

4. Don’t use plastic sticky tape. Why not use biodegradable paper tape, or ribbon to secure your wrapping paper?

5. Ditch plastic wrapped chocolates and treats. Many classic festive treats come individually wrapped which creates lots and lots of plastic wrappers. When buying your favourite treats this year, why not try and purchase sweets that are not individually wrapped?

6. Buying a new tree? Go for a real one. Plastic Christmas trees can be used again and again, however if you are replacing your tree this year, avoid plastic by opting for a real one. You can even go one better by buying one in a pot that can live in your garden year round.

7. Try plastic free crackers. Christmas crackers are great fun, but often are filled with cheap plastic toys. You can cut down on your plastic waste by selecting crackers without plastic contents.

8. Avoid plastic decorations. Plastic is found in lots of Christmas decorations, and while this is okay if they are reused year on year, if you are replacing decorations, try going plastic free. Paper tinsel is now available in many supermarkets. Hanging decorations made of plastic alternatives such as papier-mâché, wood etc are also great options!

9. Take your own bags when shopping. It might sound like an obvious one, but this is a great way to avoid unnecessary plastic. In the UK the average person still buys 57 plastic bags a year. Let’s avoid this by making sure we all take enough bags with us when shopping this festive period.

10. Sustainable gift giving. You can help loved ones to cut down on their plastic waste all year by gifting them reusable items like water bottles, coffee flasks, and more.


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