Commercial Group Clean-up Cheltenham

We teamed up with staff from Commercial Group to tackle the areas around their offices in Cheltenham.

9 volunteers gave up their afternoon to clean-up their local area. Starting immediately around their office, we were surprised by how much litter there was amongst the bushes. At first glance, the area didn’t appear too bad, but we quickly found lots of hidden rubbish.

A full bag was collected by just one volunteer in around 15 minutes from the area surround the office!

After their street was litter free we began to move further out, collecting rubbish from the surrounding roads.

The most common items found were all to do with food packaging. For example, lots of packets, bottles, and wrappers were collected. We also found a high number of cigarette butts and vapes, something we see all too often during our clean up events.

A particularly unusual item found was a saw, dug out from the mud. It took volunteers several attempts to free the saw from it’s spot buried in the ground!

After two hours, and with the sun starting to go down, we returned to the office to weigh what we had collected. Volunteers had collected 12 bags, a bucket of cigarette butts, several strips of metal, and a saw, weighing in at an impressive 27.13 kilos!

This brings Life’s a Beach’s total to 759.59 kilos of litter collected this year! We want to say a huge thank you to Commercial Group for their time, their enthusiasm, and their generous donation to our JustGiving page.

If you would like to organise a litter pick or beach clean with us, contact to find out more.


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