Bristol Aquarium Water Dispenser

We have teamed up with our friends at Bristol Aquarium in our joint mission to discourage single-use plastics and encourage reusable alternatives!

Here at Life’s a Beach, our top priority is to help the environment and one of the ways we do this is by providing free water dispensers, like this one! These dispensers are open for everyone to use, and are installed to encourage the public to refill their bottles rather than buying a single-use bottle of water.

While we were there, we were also lucky enough to have a tour around Bristol Aquarium itself, where we saw a range of marine-life, a great reminder why the fight against plastic is so important, and our oceans need to be protected!

While we were there we also had a great time taking photo’s of all the Life’s a Beach products, where our new range sustainable water bottle really popped!

Thank you so much to Bristol Aquarium, it’s been so much fun teaming up. If you are in Bristol we highly recommend you go and see if you can find our water dispenser in the aquarium!

This being our first water dispenser given out across the UK we are extremely excited, and cant wait to show you our up and coming partnerships. Having our water dispensers and message in more places you visit across the UK!


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