Bangor University Beach Clean

We travelled 200 miles from our HQ, to Bangor University to lead yet another beach clean. Teaming up with members of the Endeavour Society we set up on a secluded stretch of beach on the Menai Straits and got to work. 18 student volunteers gave up their Saturday to help clear rubbish from this beach that lay only a few minutes walk from their campus. We were really impressed by their desire to help out and improve their local environment.

Over the space of two hours we scoured the sand and pebbles to make sure we didn’t miss anything. There had been some bad weather recently so much of the rubbish had been blown into the trees and rocks.

Tangled fishing line like this is really harmful to marine life. We were lucky to find this piece tucked behind some rocks!

There was lots of the usual rubbish we find, such as coffee cups, cans, and drinks bottles. However our most impressive find was several meters of barbed wire fence that had been buried. At first it only appeared to be a few inches of wire but we quickly realised that there was a great deal more wire beneath the sand than we first realised. A local resident named Sue helped us by lending us her wire cutters, making the job a lot easier, as we could then tackle the fencing in sections.

After a lot of team work and some serious pulling, we managed to unearth approximately four meters of fencing. It was a mixture of wire links, barbed wire, and rotted wooden posts. When we took it to the local recycling centre it almost filled the skip!

Even after we had folded and crushed the wire down as small as possible, it still mostly filled this skip.

The result was a total of 22 bags being collected. All in, it amounted to a staggering 43 kilos of waste. An amazing achievement!

We finished the day with a meat-free BBQ to celebrate our hard work. Thank you to the Bangor University Endeavour Society, for volunteering your time to make your local area cleaner. You were all amazingly dedicated and we can’t wait to work with you again!


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