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Our UK Road Trip Day Five: Bristol

We finished our road trip across the UK with DEFRA and DXC with a final clean in Bristol. The weather was terrible; rain and hail stone made it tough work for our lovely volunteers, but they didn’t let a little wet weather deter them.

All week we have spent time with the most incredibly upbeat volunteers, and Bristol was no exception. 21 volunteers came from DEFRA and DXC to give their time to litter pick Brandon Hill.

This hill set in the heart of the city, is a small green oasis amongst the buildings. We were determined to scour the park to remove any and all litter we could find. Just as with the other cleans this week, there was no shortage of strange items on this litter pick. We found:

  • A suitcase
  • A duffel bag full of frogs
  • A plastic sword
  • A keyboard
  • Several tents
  • A double duvet
  • Fencing
  • A cash register

The rain cut our clean a little short but after an hour and a half we filled 23 bags of litter, with huge 158.6 kilos being collected. Yet another incredible result for the teams from DXC and DEFRA!

Volunteers competed to collect the strangest item, and the heaviest bag. The winners received our reusable, insulated water bottles, as well as some of our carbon neutral t-shirts. The heaviest bag came in at over 10kg!

All of this effort has been to raise awareness about litter and plastic pollution across the country but more importantly we have been raising money to help the wonderful Hannah purchase an Innowalk. This piece of equipment will allow her to walk and move whilst being fully supported. You can learn more about her amazing story, and how you can donate here.

We want to say a massive thank you to everyone who gave their time today! What an amazing day to end our week of cleans on.


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